Movable Type Upgrade Service

Why is it important upgrading movable type?

Keeping your movable type installation upgraded is extremely important!

An upgrade brings you not only bug fixes and new features, but from time to time also security patches.

This movable type upgrade service is designed for upgrading your installation to the latest version of movable type 4th series (v4.38), the movable type 5th series (v5.2.13) or the movable type 6th series (v6.3.6).

Which is the version you should upgrade to?

Badly-intentioned people are expanding their attacks with every month that passes. What's lovely about movable type is that security releases are made available before the moment when an attack could generate problems. There was one single case when an attack occured, and quickly after Six Apart released a security patch.

Any version prior to v4.38, including v2.x, v3.x and v4.x should upgrade at least to v4.38 with the patch from January 2013 so that all the security enchancements that have been released so far would be implemented, apart from other new features and bug fixes.

If you're running v5.x or would like to upgrade from earlier versions to v5.x, the right choice is v5.2.13. Worth mentioning is that v5.x is coming with so many valuable security features meant to be one step ahead of potential attacks.

You may like to also consider to upgrade your installation to v6.3.6. Six Apart released the latest version of the 6th series in October 2017.

What would you get?

  • Checking your movable type open source or movable type professional installation templates;
  • Inventorying all the plugins or hacks you're using;
  • Proposing the best version you should upgrade to and the reasons why you should do that;
  • Upgrading your movable type installation files to the agreed version;
  • Upgrading your plugins and hacks to the latest version;
  • Upgrading your templates to match the latest product improvements;
  • If there is the need, porting custom fields from various plugin solutions to the movable type custom fields native feature.

Are there any risks?

There are no risks, because we would backup your installation before and after performing the upgrade. Having backups would allow us to restore your installation within minutes if there is any problem. While we do backups as part of our quality assurance policy, you may like to know that we never had to use them to restore an installation.

Is there any down time?

There is no downtime at all! Your site pages would be available during the upgrade. Because we want to serve you as good as possible, we would have the movable type admin not available to your editors for as low as 2 to 3 minutes at times that we could agree together.

Which installations could be upgraded?

Virtually all installations could be upgraded, no matter if you currently running v2.x, v3.x, v4.x, v5.x or v6.x.

In some cases it might be wise to upgrade to the latest version of the 4th series, in other cases it could be wise to upgrade to the latest version of the 5th or the 6th series.

We could address this more in detail when we would talk about your own installation particularities.

Who needs our services?

  • Individuals running a personal blog based on movable type open source or movable type professional;
  • Organizations running a business installation based on movable type advanced or movable type enterprise;
  • Companies providing movable type to their customers;
  • Media companies that want to upgrade their customers' movable type installations.

No matter who you are and what version of the product you're using, we would be delighted to upgrade your installation at very high quality standards.

How much would you pay?

The movable type upgrade service costs:


If you're running a very complex installation with many blogs, or if you're using custom fields based on obsolete plugins, porting and upgrading your data would cost a little bit more, but nothing to be afraid of.

Payments can be made via paypal, 2checkout, moneybookers, wire transfer, checks or other payment solutions.

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What about movable type technical support?

You are going to get support with anything related to your movable type upgrade at no additional charge.

If you need support with other movable type tasks or with web development in general, we would be glad to assist you for a very low support fee, or for free if that would bring us more work from your side.

Who We Are?

You may like to know that the movable type upgrade service is offered by PRO IT Service SRL, a web development company managed by Mihai Bocsaru.

Mihai has worked with Movable Type since its early stages (v2.x) for over 10 years now.

He started using movable type in 2002 and since then has worked with this publishing platform each and every day, including weekends and most holidays.

In 2007, Mihai and PRO IT Service SRL opened a partnership with Six Apart, the company that developed the movable type platform. The partnership was officialized at the Le Web 3 Conference that took place in Paris, France, U.E. in December 2007. At the event Mihai Bocsaru met Chris Alden, Six Apart CEO at that time, as well as a few other team members.

Other Offerings from PRO IT Services

We can provide all services relating to the moveable type platform. Worth mentioning is that we work with a much broader list of technologies, among them: blog platforms, publishing platforms, forum applications, shopping cart solutions and more.

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